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Start an LLC in Virginia

The Virginia LLC: popular, affordable, and with strong legal protections.

Virginia is an all-around prosperous and flourishing state, so it’s no surprise that starting an LLC in Virginia is a popular and keen idea for an entrepreneur.

On this page, we have you covered: we’ll start with the basics of an LLC, the full overview of how to start an LLC, and our first-rate LLC formation services!


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On This Page:

The LLC: A Basic Overview
Virginia LLC Formation: A Full Overview

Filing Virginia Articles of Organization: Methods, Costs, and Times

When Is My Virginia LLC Official?
Finish Establishing Your LLC
Form Your LLC Today With Us


The LLC: A Basic Overview

LLCs, or limited liability companies, are beloved by business owners with companies of all shapes and sizes. An LLC is a hybrid business entity, combining the best elements of a corporation, sole proprietorship, and partnership.

More specifically, the LLC is usually treated like a sole proprietorship or partnership when it comes to taxes by enjoying “pass-through” taxation during tax time, meaning the LLC’s profits pass through to its members to be reported on their personal taxes.

On the flip side, the LLC is similar to a corporation when it comes to limited liability, with the owners not being personally liable for their company’s debts or other liabilities.

The advantages don’t stop there. The LLC is famous for its flexibility and low maintenance. LLCs are not required to do things like elect a board of directors or hold shareholder meetings, and can make decisions on the fly if needed.


Planning on taking your business public one day or requiring investors for large future growth? Perhaps a Virginia Corporation is a better fit for you.


Virginia LLC Formation: A Full Overview

The relatively complex process of registering an LLC in Virginia begins with completing a state document called the Articles of Organization and filing it with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC).

We can help you form your LLC the right way the first time around, saving you time, money, and sanity. Check out the breakdown of our LLC formation package and jump to the bottom of the page here.


Virginia Articles of Organization

Virginia’s Articles of Organization is about one full page you’ll need to fill out with the following information:

  • Your LLC’s business name
  • Name of the LLC’s initial registered agent
  • Whether the initial registered agent is an individual or a business
  • Address of the LLC’s initial registered office (for the registered agent)
  • City or county of registered office
  • Principal (physical) business address of your LLC
  • Signature of organizer(s) (person authorized to handle this document)
  • Optional items: phone number & email of business organizer(s)

There’s a few pieces of information that go into your Articles of Organization that need extra forethought and consideration, such as the Business Name, Registered Agent, and Virginia Business Address portions.


Virginia LLC Business Name

Understanding the rules to picking your Virginia LLC business name will ensure your filing doesn’t get rejected by the Virginia SCC. Make sure your LLC name includes one of the following words or abbreviations:

  • Limited Liability Company or L.L.C.
  • Limited Company or L.C.

Your LLC name must also be different from any other business entity on file with the SCC. You can check and make sure that the name you want is unique by searching the Virginia Business Entity Search website.


Virginia Registered Agent

A Virginia registered agent is a person or entity with a physical address in Virginia where they are available during normal business hours to accept service of process and other official correspondence and notices, such as an annual report notice, on a business’s behalf. For example, if your company is sued, your Virginia registered agent will be the main point of contact for the state, and will ensure that your company is properly notified.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, all business entities are required to have a registered agent per the Code of Virginia (§13.1-1015).

Did we mention yet that we are a registered agent service? We’ve been in the game of both business formation and registered agent service for a long time. We know the folks down at the Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth, and they know us. We’re friendly, easy to get in touch with, and have a passion for the business world.

Check out our $49 registered agent main page to learn more and get started today!


Virginia Business Address

Did you know that the information you list on your Articles of Organization will be available, in full, to the general public from the SCC website? It’s important not to list any sensitive information, and that includes any of your personal addresses. The last thing you need as a business owner is the stress of losing your privacy to potential scammers, marketers, junk mailers, or even that one disgruntled customer who might want to visit you in person.

The solution: use our Virginia business address at no extra cost when you sign up for any of our services. The privacy that you save alone is worth it, not to mention the hassle you save if you move and the credibility and professional appearance you gain.

Check out our Virginia Business Address page to learn more!

What’s the Difference Between a Registered Agent Address & Business Address?

Your registered agent address is the place where your agent accepts service of process and state notices, and is listed under “registered office” on your formation documents. Our business address service also uses our registered agent address on the principal office address portion of your formation documents.


Filing Virginia Articles of Organization: Methods, Costs, and Times

The Articles of Organization comes with a one-time state filing fee of $100 (roughly $103 if you file online). You can take care of this filing and payment in a few different ways:


Filing Online

If you choose to file online, you’ll sign up for and use the SCC’s real-time online program called the Clerk’s Information System (CIS) to submit your Articles and pay the filing fee by credit card or eCheck. From there, you have two options:

  • You can use the CIS’s online forms, and your LLC will be formed instantly (recommended).
  • You can submit a PDF of your Articles.

Note: The Virginia SCC prefers online filings—it’s faster and safer for all involved. You’ll most likely end up needing to create an account in the CIS, anyway, to take care of other filings, such as Annual Reports.


Filing in Paper

If you choose to file by mail or in-person delivery, the filing time can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks (not to mention travel time if you choose to deliver it to their office in Richmond).

You can mail the completed Articles and check or money order payable to Virginia SCC.

State Corporation Commission
Clerk’s Office
PO Box 1197
Richmond, VA 23218-1197

You can deliver the completed Articles in-person with the correct payment to the SCC’s main floor.

State Corporation Commission
Clerk’s Office, First Floor
1300 E. Main St.
Richmond, VA 23219


When Is My Virginia LLC Official?

If you file your Virginia Articles of Organization online, you’ll have the awesome advantage of seeing a real-time approval of your LLC formation as soon as you submit your filing, and you’ll get the official LLC certificate in your CIS account immediately.

If you file by mail or in-person, you’ll get your official LLC document sent to your listed business email address (or regular mail address if that’s all you provided on your Articles).

Please note : You’ll also receive an assigned PIN to verify your authority to do business online with the CIS, such as file documents or change records.


Finish Establishing Your LLC

Submitting and getting your Articles of Organization accepted for your LLC is only half the battle. You need to get your LLC off the ground and fully-established (and legal).

Here’s a few next steps you’ll need to complete to authenticate your new LLC:

  • Adopt an Operating Agreement (we provide one when you use our services)
  • Obtain an EIN
  • Establish a business bank account
  • Get necessary permits, insurance, and licenses
  • Find professional guidance: accountants and lawyers
  • Register in other states (foreign qualification)

There’s a bevy of other small steps to take as well, such as looking into marketing or setting up accounting software. Arguably, a business owner’s job is never finished in this regard. Remember—you will have our customer service on standby to help you with business-related inquiries for the life of your business when you use our Virginia business formation service or sign up for our Virginia registered agent service!

Form Your LLC Today With Us Instead

Our Virginia LLC Formation Package: $252

This LLC Formation Package Includes:

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  • Official Documents Emailed Directly to You
  • Operating Agreement Template
  • Fair & Transparent Pricing That Never Goes Up
Service Fee
Virginia SCC Filing Fee $103
Our Formation Service Fee $100
1 Year Registered Agent $49
TOTAL  $252


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